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Since its inception, RMSpumptools has developed a range of innovative ESP Completion Systems and Mechanical & Electrical products.

We are always prepared to challenge traditional techniques, propose new ideas and create solutions and systems to complement our central core of field-proven products. This approach delivers enhanced operations, lower workover costs and the maximum possible return on ESP completion.

Product Patents

RMSpumptools has always been at the forefront of technology, being recognised for the development of several ground breaking products.

Mechanical Products

  • The Switch - UK Patent No: GB2456866A & US 8,353,352,B2
  • Automatic Diverter Valve (ADV) - UK Patent No: GB2411416
  • Rod-Driven PCP ADV - UK Patent No: GB2466547
  • SandCat - UK Patent No: GB2409691
  • ESP Dual System - UK Patent No: GB2361017
  • Y-Chek - EU Patent No: EP2088279B1 & US8104540
  • Clamping System - UK Patent No: GB2461141

Electrical Products

  • Shuttle Switch (MWR) - UK Patent No: GB2421525
  • Shuttle Switch (MWR) - US Patent No: US 7,650,942,B2
  • Wet Mate Connector with Water Ingress - Patent Pending
  • Wet Mate Connector with Latch - Patent Pending
  • Concentric Connector With Latch - Patent Pending


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The SWITCH is designed to dramatically reduce cost (and retrofit) of how Operators deploy and operate Dual, Triple and Quad ESP completions by utilising a single power cable to operate two ESPs. Substantial savings on capital cost, operating cost, planning time and lost production time means the SWITCH is set to become the standard choice for all Dual, Triple and Quad ESP completions.

Existing Dual ESP completions require duplicated and costly specialist equipment to accommodate the dual power cables necessary to separately control the ESPs. THE SWITCH avoids all of these costs and issues.

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Dual ESP systems are supplied power through individual power cables fed from the surface - these cables penetrate the wellhead through RMSpumptools gas tight wellhead penetrators. The two cables and specialist cable protectors continue down to the ESP setting depth. In order to provide annular isolation above the ESPs, a production packer is often used. RMSpumptools packer penetrators similarly maintain the critical pressure integrity of the packer. The packer penetrators transition the round main ESP power cable to a flat Motor Lead Extension, or MLE.

The MLEs feed into the individual motors of each ESP which can be configured in a choice of RMSpumptools, non-intervention, fully automatic ESP completion systems.

The Switch now introduces a new dimension to these established methods of dual completions. The Switch is installed on the production tubing, typically below the Pump Packer. All cable terminations are factory prepared to proprietary RMSpumptools plug and socket connectors, eliminating any field cable splicing and ensuring high integrity electrical assembly during installation.

Pioneering HP/HT Product Development

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RMSpumptools has leveraged its field proven technology to develop mechanical and electrical products for the next generation of HP/HT wells. With production horizons deepening, the need for higher production rates and ultimate recoveries necessitate artificial lift in order to make prospects economic. Until now, the challenge has been to find completion products capable of withstanding the harsh environments associated with the requirements of deep, hot production.

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In anticipation of the next generation of high power Electric Submersible Pumps required for these applications, we have developed HP/HT packer penetrator technology rated to 8-KV, 250-Amps, while fully V0 qualified at 7500-psi differential, 225°F. This HP/HT technology has been tested independently and in conjunction with production packers to show it is fully V0 compliant (100% barrier to gas at pressure and temperature)… another industry first.

Building on this success, we are finalizing the development of a Dual Can production system capable of reliably operating at 10,000-psi differential, 300°F. This dual system uses a proprietary metal-to-metal seal to ensure complete pressure integrity over its life, while incorporating our HP/HT penetrator technology with V0 capability. This technology will first be deployed as an 8-5/8” can system capable of production rates as high as 20,000-bbl/day and will be incorporated into our full line of completion systems.

In order to prove the durability of our equipment throughout the lifecycle of an HP/HT well, we have undertaken a joint study with a major operator with the goal of establishing reliability as a performance specification. The end result of this process will be demonstrable proof that all components of the completion system can withstand 10-years in an HP/HT environment. This culture of reliability has always been present at RMSpumptools, which is why we are the supplier of choice for industry shaping technology.

The Y-Chek is an automatic downhole valve located within the RMSpumptools Y-Tool. This automatic ESP Bypass System is designed to prevent recirculation of pumped fluid from an operated ESP.

It features an internal travelling ball that is automatically activated by the flow and pressure produced by the downhole pump. The ball is naturally biased towards the pump leg and during pump start up will move over to the sealing position on the bypass tubing side.

The pressure generated by the pump will keep the ball sealed off on the bypass leg while the pump is running. When the pump is shutdown and the pressure on the ball has equalised, the ball will return to the pump leg side assisted by a spring return, opening passage on the bypass side to allow well intervention by wireline or coiled tubing.