The Adjustable Union is a tubing string mechanical telescopic device designed to adjust the spacing within the tubing string where close tolerancing and accuracy is required.

The design provides telescopic adjustment to the required make-up length by means of a Sealed Mandrel within a Cylindrical Housing, which is then locked in position by a threaded Lock Ring and Key. With a full 24” full stroke, it allows any length of adjustment between 61” and 85” approx.

The Adjustable Union is typically installed below the production packer to space out and orientate the tubing take-up on MLE and/or control lines. It allows right or left hand rotation of the tubing string and where necessary, can be placed in either tension or compression.

It is designed for working pressure up to 5000 psi and for H2S service, incorporating 90 Duro seals.


Features & Benefits

  • Simple jacking mechanism
  • Anti-rotation keys
  • +/- 30 degree orientation
  • Simple construction
  • Only one set seal




Adjustable Union