The ADV™ is a patented automatic check and drain valve that operates immediately on pump start up/shut down. Prior to pump start up there is natural flow past the ESP. On ESP switch-on the ADV™ automatically operates to close ports to the annulus and pumped production commences to surface. Upon ESP trip/shut down, fluid and solids in the tubing string exhaust into the annulus. Communication to the ESP is blocked preventing solids entering the ESP. When the ESP is restarted the ADV™ automatically operates to close ports to annulus and normal production resumes.

This versatile valve can be used to protect the pump from fall back of solids or allow flow from the annulus to the production tubing. A common cause of ESP failures is when solids in the tubing string above the pump are allowed to fall back into the pump after the ESP has been switched off (either manually or automatically). Solids that settle in the top stages of the ESP often plug the pump.

The ADV™ also allows a well to free-flow around a dormant ESP in wells that will flow naturally, allowing the ESP to be deployed during the initial completion and preventing a future workover. Because of the ADV’s ability to allow for automatic bypass of a dormant pump, dual encapsulated ESP systems (or Can systems) can be deployed without additional control lines required for hydraulic sliding sleeves.


Features & Benefits

Protect your pump from solids fall-back in sandy/solids producing wells. Solids settling on pump stages can wreck your pump ADV™ protects against solids fall-back and avoids:

  • Broken shafts/motor failure
  • Damaged upper stages
  • Plugged pump head
  • Back spin

Free-flow well prior to pump start up in natural flow or dual ESP applications. Flow past the pump:

  • Maximises production by avoiding pressure drop through dormant ESP
  • Eliminates bearing damage
  • Eliminates scale build up


Competitor Flow Valves v The ADV DFV PAR AFV AFS TDV ADV
Patented Design - - - - - YES
Metal to Metal Sealing - - - - - YES
No Valve Chatter YES YES - - - YES
Instant & Precise Open/Close - - - - - YES
No Recirculation - - - - YES YES
High Pressure Equalisation - - - - - YES
Maximises Free Flow - - - - - YES
Non-Reactive to Flow Variations - YES - YES - YES
Extensive Flow Ranges - - - - YES YES
Lowest Pressure Drop Design - - - - - YES
Wireline Retrievable Option - YES YES - YES YES
ESPCP & RDPCP Options - - - - - YES
2-3/8, 2-7/8, 3-1/2, 4-1/2, 5-1/2 - - - - - YES


Operation of ADV showing the Solids Fall-Back and Free-Flow Applications