RMSpumptools Double Horsepower is a dual ESP system that enables maximum production in high volume/high PI wells by providing high downhole horsepower shared between two standard-range ESPs.

An individual cable powers each ESP - both ESPs are operated simultaneously to share the pumping requirements, either by doubling the production rate or doubling the head (pressure output).

This system is best applied when the full production potential of a well is otherwise restricted because the well has very high productivity index (PI) and the high horsepower required to maximise production is beyond the range of available ESP motors or voltage supply.


Features & Benefits

Although ESP technology has improved dramatically over recent years and high horsepower ESP motors are available, limitations to using high horsepower single ESPs include:

  • Shaft torque
  • Voltage and power availability limitations
  • Downhole power concerns
  • Well bore restrictions
  • Equipment availability

By using standard medium horsepower ESPs in either parallel (dual Y-Tools) or series (dual can system), the operator can utilise standard off-the-shelf ESPs without upsizing topside switchboards, drives and transformers.





Typical Double Horsepower Completion

ESP Completion