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As a flow bypass, the Y-Tool is also used to form the basis of the popular dual ESP system. It comes with a comprehensive range of associated and compatible products and a complete package of accessories.

The Y-Tool system offsets the ESP in the well to provide a straight line conduit for wireline or coiled tubing tools to bypass the ESP. The system is built up together with the ESP at rig site and is run in hole together with the ESP.

The Y-Tool Y-Block has an upper connection for the production tubing and two lower connections, one for the ESP and the other for the bypass. A blanking plug is located in the bypass side in a special nipple to prevent recirculation of the pumped fluid. The blanking plug is removed prior to and after intervention.

Bypass Plugs

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Blanking Plug - The Blanking Plug locks in the Bypass Nipple during operation of the ESP to prevent the recirculating of fluids during pumping operations.

CT Logging Plug - This plug is used when coiled tubing is the means of deploying the logging tool and will accommodate coiled tubing sizes up to 1.75”.

Wireline Logging Plug - The WL Plug allows pumped production during logging operations.

Bypass Tools

PTSB Pulling Tool - A wireline tool used for pulling the equalizing prong on the PTRN Blanking Plug.

PTGS Pulling Tool - Used for running and retrieving the Isolation Sleeve and Pulling PTRN Blanking Plug.

PTR-Line Running Tool - Ensures the lock does not engage during installation until seated in Nipple.

Tool Catcher - Fitted to the bottom of the Logging Plug and is used in electric line logging operations.

Wireline Hammer - Used as a means of jarring down on the Logging Plug to verify that proper seating has taken place in the seal bore.