The SWITCH® is a world first in artificial lift innovation and is designed to allow the operation of two ESPs from a single power cable from surface, expanding the options for multiple ESP configuration. This patented product is fully qualified and delivers significant reductions in operating and capital costs, planning and lost production time. Avoid unexpected workovers when your pump fails - simply transfer the power to the secondary pump via The SWITCH and production continues with minimum delay.


Features & Benefits

  • For running dual ESP systems with a single cable to surface
  • Dual Subsea ESP Completions
  • Reduces cost in Subsea Tree Hardware and Umbilicals
  • Can be operated with ROV or Diver intervention
  • Triple and Quad systems utilising only 2 surface cables
  • Switch between Two 3-phase ESP units
  • Low profile (suitable for 8.25“ drift diameter with a production tubing up to 4.5”)
  • Actuation by hydraulic control Pressure compensated for long term seal performance
  • Dielectric Oil filled
  • Downhole resistant materials to NACE and NORSOK standards
  • Resistant to gas decompression
  • Electrically optimised insulation geometry using FEA
  • Pressure compensated for long term seal performance
  • Suitable for use below ESP packer
  • Maintains standard packer, clamps and wellhead
  • Up to 8” adjustability on the MLE terminations
  • Cable terminations based on field proven penetrator technology
  • Factory prepared connectors (no field servicing during installation)


Pressure Temperature Voltage Current
5,000 psi 121ºC, 250ºF 5kVAC 160A


Multiple Applications - Retrofit a Single ESP System to a Dual System with only 1 cable from surface. Dual Subsea ESP Completions. Triple and Quad options utilising only 2 surface cables.