The OceanPower™ HV Power 3-phase Dry-Mate Connector utilises technology proven in the marine environment providing long term reliability. The Dry-Mate connectors brings many benefits to tidal stream and wave energy devices, providing innovation to some of the industry’s major challenges.

Operational Requirements

  • Location within Completion: Subsea Turbine, Hub & Umbilical
  • Design Life: 25 years
  • Rated Depth: 1,000+ Metres
  • Rated Pressure: 1,500 Psi
  • Working Temperature Range: -20ºC to 60ºC
  • Storage Temperature Range: -18ºC Min

Mechanical Requirements

  • Profile: <90mm
  • Envelope Diameter: As per Customer Specification

Features & Benefits

  • Energised Seals
  • Elastomeric Back-up Sealing
  • Security Screw to prevent lock ring rotation and Demating
  • Gold-plated Contacts
  • Design suits a range of Cables


No. of Contacts Working Voltage Test Voltage Ampacity Frequency Range
3 3.6 / 6(7.2) kV 14.4 kVdc 250 A 47 - 52 Hz
Dry-Mate Connector