The OceanPower™ HV Power 3-phase Wet-Mate system is a single mandrel connector, utilising technology proven in the marine environment ensuring long term reliability. The connectors bring many benefits to tidal stream and wave energy devices, providing innovation to some of the industry’s major challenges.

Operational Requirements

  • Location within Completion: Subsea Turbine and Hub
  • Design Life: 25 years
  • Rated Depth: 1,000+ Metres
  • Rated Pressure: 1,500 Psi
  • Working Temperature Range: -20ºC to 45ºC
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20ºC to 60ºC

Mechanical Requirements

  • Fully Compliant Mounting System
  • Misalignment Limits: Radial +/- 3mm, Angular +/- 1º
  • Envelope Diameter: As per Customer Specification

Features & Benefits

  • Modular inter-changeable Male and Female Connectors
  • Plug Connectors can be Energised Unmated
  • Dual Sealing Barriers
  • Metal to Metal Sealing
  • Elastomeric Back-up Sealing
  • Gold-plated Contacts
  • Compliant Mount maintains axial pre-load on Mated Connectors


No. of Phases Working Voltage Test Voltage Ampacity Frequency Range
3 + 1 earth 3.6 / 6(7.2) kV 14.4 kVdc 168 A 47 - 52Hz


OceanPower™ - HV 3-Phase Power Wet-Mate Connector System

Wet-Mate Power Connector