Pressure & Temperature Integrity

All Penetrators contain our field-proven gas-tight and permanently energised pressure barriers and can be manufactured directly onto the MLE cable or provided with a Field Attachable connection.

The STEALTH Penetrator™ has been developed in response to growing demand for high-specification, compact penetrator applications which are small enough for Ø1.5” bores.

Single Mandrel

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Single Mandrel Packer Penetrators are one-piece products which transmit power through a single bore. They can accommodate a vast array of cable types and sizes, and are supplied factory-moulded to downhole cable (including the MLE if required) or via a Field Attachable connection. A variety of universal thread types, offset adapters and also the option of the STEALTH version in a 1.5” bore size,ensure configurations to suit every completion.


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Split-Phase Packer Penetrator systems are ideal where space restricts a single mandrel arrangement. 3 Phases are branched out into individual legs that are fed through narrow bores in the pod or packer. They can be supplied factory moulded to many types of downhole cable, including the MLE, and no adapter is required to secure the penetrator into the packer. Twin pressure barriers and metal seals ensure total well integrity, while the ability to adjust the MLE is inherent in the simple system design.