These single-piece products transmit power through a single bore. They can accommodate a vast array of cable types and sizes, and are supplied factory-moulded to downhole cable (including the MLE if required) or with a Field Attachable connection.

Power ratings range from 140 amps/5 kVAC through to 250 amps/8 kVAC, with single-phase instrument feedthroughs also available. Most penetrators are fitted to the packer by way of an adapter. To accommodate for an excess or shortfall in MLE length, adapters can be supplied to allow from 3.5” to 24” of adjustment to penetrator positioning. A variety of universal thread types and offset adapters ensure a configuration to suit every completion.

STEALTH Series - Slimline Bore Profile

NEXUS Series - Standard Range

FRONTIER Series - High Temp/High Power

RMSpumptools also produce breakaway penetrators for use in offshore drill stem testing. These products are designed to maintain the pressure integrity of the well in the event of rapid departure of the workover rig

ATEX and IECEx Certified.


Features & Benefits

Experience and Track Record - The industry’s unchallenged number one choice for reliability. Exclusive supplier to the demanding North Sea market for over 20 years.

Field Attachable or Factory Moulded - Providing both options for multiple configurations.

Unique Protection System - Internals have total isolation from well fluid environment for exceptional reliability.

Unique Pressure Barrier Technology - Zero Gas Leakage, total safety security.

Double Seal Technology - Enables pressure testing via test ports in adapter and built-in redundancy giving total confidence of seal integrity during and post installation.

Permanently Activated Internal Seals - No pressure-activated seals, no possibility of gas migration through penetrator, even at low pressures.

**All Mating Materials Dissimilar - Avoids galling during installation.

Full Range of Adapters - Available with a range of adapters to secure to the Packer, offering maximum completion design flexibility for different applications.

No Specialist Tooling Required - Reduced risk of delays due to missing or broken specialist tooling.



Bore Size Temperature Power Pressure CO2 H2S
1.5” up to 130ºC, 265ºF up to 5kVAC, 140A 7,500psi up to 90% up to 40%
Bore Size Temperature Power Pressure CO2 H2S
2.0” up to 180ºC, 356ºF up to 5kVAC, 200A 10,000psi up to 90% up to 40%
Bore Size Temperature Power Pressure CO2 H2S
2.4” up to 180ºC, 356ºF up to 8kVAC, 250A 15,000psi up to 90% up to 40%


FRONTIER 2.4”, NEXUS 2” and STEALTH 1.5” Packer Penetrators

STEALTH Packer Penetrator in-situ