The PRL (positive rotational lock) Swivel Sub is an in-line tubing device designed to provide orientation between two sets of tubing assemblies.

Once alignment is set, the swivel is locked in position by a series of teeth which provide a positive locking mechanism with high torque loading.

It is operated by winding the lock nut back approximately ½” to allow disengagement of the upper body and collar. The upper and lower bodies are then oriented to the desired position and the collar and upper body set together again. The lock nut is then made up tight and locked with screws.

Typical uses are alignment of two down-hole tubing units such as dual string packers or tubing-to-hanger make-up. It is available for standard or sour service conditions and is configured with standard tubing connections.


Features & Benefits

  • High Torque capacity
  • ± 10° alignment
  • Simple construction
  • Full Tubing Bore
  • Only one set seals




The PRL (Positive Rotational Lock) Swivel Sub