The Pump Chek is an all metal pressure sealing valve designed to provide a pressure barrier to isolate ESPs and preventing fall-back on the pump on ESP shutdown - a known cause of ESP failure. Typically installed to an ESP completion above the pump, the Pump Chek incorporates an integral flapper featuring a unique ‘burst disc’. This can be manufactured to a pre-determined pressure rating (burst ratings: 1,000 - 4,000 psi) to allow rupturing of the disc should it be required to permanently equalise (open) the valve. Alternatively, the burst disc may also be activated using wireline or coiled tubing operations.

It is typically used in a Dual ESP completion in which the lower pump is simply hung from the tubing instead of using a Y-tool. In this case, running an NRV would result in pulling a wet string, so the Pump Check’s drain feature is a necessity. The Pump Check can also be configured as a way of setting hydraulically set packers or conducting tubing tests when running an ESP. The Pump Check is available in tubing sizes from 2-3/8” to 4-1/2”, in carbon steel, 13-Chrome, or customer specified material and also allows pressure testing of production tubing and the setting of hydraulically operated tools such as packers.


Features & Benefits

  • Full flow on ESP operation
  • All metal pressure sealing
  • No Elastomers
  • Simple 1-Piece Body construction
  • Available in Alloy Steel for standard service and 13% Chrome for sour service




The Pump Chek

ESP Pump Chek