The SandCat is a down-hole centrifugal sand separator designed to separate out sand from the produced fluid before it enters the pump.

Attached below the ESP motor, the SandCat is installed with the ESP as a quick and simple addition to the completion system. Solids laden fluid is forced into the SandCat intake. An integrated flow seal acts as a barrier to prevent well fluid from bypassing the SandCat. A centrifugal chamber drives sand and solids to the outer part of the chamber allowing de-sanded fluid to enter the SandCat internal central fluid intake.

Separated sand and solids are directed to the tailpipe by centrifugal velocity and carried downward by gravity. De-sanded fluid exits into the upper annulus through the discharge sub above the flow seal. It can radically reduce damage to expensive ESPs in sandy wells and significantly increase pump run time resulting in improved well profitability for the operator.


Features & Benefits

  • Separates sand particles 40 microns and above
  • No well preparation required - RIH with the ESP
  • No moving parts
  • Simple to install
  • Assists gas separation
  • Low capital cost
  • Sand management system provides choice of sand collection options




Operation of the SandCat

ESP Desander