RMSpumptools field proven SeaConnect™ Stab Plate Connectors provide a wet-mate connection for all subsea monitoring and control requirements including Subsea Trees, production control systems and distribution units. The product utilises RMSpumptools highly reliable proven connection technology. Jumper harnesses, splitter boxes, transducers are offered as part of the configurable system.

Available in 4/7/12 Pin options, the Stab Plate Connectors have SeaConnect™ technology with various industry and client bespoke mounting options.


Features & Benefits

  • Patented Latching Device
  • Flexibly Mounted ROV Handle
  • Seawater Protected Contacts on both Male & Female
  • No Dummy Connectors required for protection when unmated in Subsea Environments
  • Oil Filled Pressure Balanced Design


Current Capacity Operating Temperature Working Depth Voltage Design Life
20 Amps per Contact 0ºC to 60ºC 4,000 m 1kVAC 25 Years


SeaConnect™ - Stab Plate 7-Way Plug and Receptacle

Stab Plate Subsea Connector