The uniqueness of the patented Stealth Clamp™ lies in its Helix profile design which substantially increases surface area contact and load strength. The StealthClamp™ fully protects and secures all cables and control lines during installation and in operation, whilst providing total rotational lock protection.

The minimal possible running OD allows for extremely tight clearances or heavy wall casing and the StealthClamp™ can withstand an axial load of 10 Tonnes (22,000lbs) whilst running in hole, without compromising casing integrity.


Features & Benefits

  • No risk of hang-up
  • All cables and lines are fully protected when running in hole and in operation
  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Maximum slippage protection
  • Patented Helix profile design
  • No loose parts - all captive components
  • Split body with Helix internal profile machined from a single billet of material
  • High tensile steel bolts offer speed during assembly and maximum clamping strength
  • Helix profile matched to the Casing
  • Anti-rotation with infinite adjustment
  • Ultimate strength Steel Strap machined from a solid billet of material, secured and protected inside the recessed OD of the Casing
  • Flexible and strong (tested load rating - 10 Tonnes)
  • Axial load is supported by the Helix profile and not the fasteners
  • Clamp Band is fully flush with Casing OD




The STEALTH Clamp™