Extending ESP Life

The Automatic Diverter Valve (ADV) or Non-Return Valve (NRV) used to isolate an ESP as part of a dual Y-tool or CAN system can also be used in a single ESP situation to isolate from back flow and prevent Sand fallback, extending the life over a stand alone ESP.

Our Adjustable Union and PRL Swivel that allow for alignment of two Y-tools are just as effective aligning eccentric downhole assemblies below a wellhead or packer, saving critical rig time without compromising the strength of the tubing string.

The BOP CAN enables use of an ESP during a Drill Stem Test while maintaining full well control, allowing for more accurate evaluation of a reservoir with real-world production methods.

ADV (Automatic Diverter Valve)

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The RMSpumptools Automatic Diverter Valve is a field proven, fully automatic valve that controls tubing to annulus communication. Typically used with ESPs, the ADV provides a pressure sealed conduit for produced fluids to flow to surface when the ESP is in operation, but isolates the ESP and allows tubing to annulus communication when the pump is turned off.

NRV (Non Return Valve)

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The Non Return Valve is a high specification, precision engineered check-valve for use above an ESP to prevent backflow and in turn, back-spin of the ESP. In a Dual Y-tool completion, the NRV is used above each of the ESPs to prevent recirculation through the dormant pump and in turn, allow the ability to switch the operational ESP without intervention.

Adjustable Union

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RMSpumptools Adjustable Union is a pressure rated mechanically telescoping in-line tubing device designed to allow fine adjustments to the length and rotation of a tubing string. It is constructed with an outer housing with internal seal bore and telescoping threaded Mandrel. A “Jacking Collar” is rotated to move the telescoping mandrel in or out, changing the tool’s length - and then a “Locking Collar” with Anti Rotation Keys, locks the tool in the desired position and orientation.

PRL Swivel Sub

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The PRL (Positive Rotational Lock) Swivel Sub is a pressure rated in-line tubing device, designed to provide rotational orientation between two sets of tubing assemblies. Once alignment is set, the Swivel is locked in position by a series of teeth which provide a positive locking mechanism capable of resisting high torque loading.

The BOP CAN enables an operator to conduct a Drill Stem Test using an ESP by providing a means of sealing the production tubing and power cable against closed BOP Rams. It uses a bore for the production tubing with a secondary bore for an electrical penetrator which seals against both the power cable and body of the BOP CAN.

Pump Chek

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The Pump Check is a flapper style check valve that incorporates a burst disk to allow production tubing to drain before pulling tubing. The metal-to-metal seal on the flapper ensures a pressure seal against fluid fall-back when the ESP is deactivated, but is designed to sit fully out of the fluid flow when the pump is active.

SandCat ESP Desander

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RMSpumptools SandCat is a down-hole centrifugal Sand Separator designed to separate out sand from the produced fluid before it enters the pump. Attached below the ESP motor, the SandCat is installed with the ESP as a quick and simple addition to the completion system. Solids laden fluid is forced into the SandCat intake.

ESP Motor Shroud

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The ESP Motor Shroud is a cylindrical shroud which covers the motor length of the ESP. It is hung off a special clamp at the pump intake neck and is packed off against the body of the pump section to prevent fluid from entering from above. The bottom of the shroud under the motor can be mule shoe-d or prepared with an “orange peel” intake.


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The STEALTH Clamp™ has been developed to give maximum protection to control lines and power cables in a low profile, slimline design. The patented threaded clamping design prevents slippage when running in hole and can withstand 40,000lbs of axial load before moving - out-performing recessed clamps which are typically used in similar applications.