The WellConnect™ Wellhead Outlet (WHO) Penetrator is a Dry-Mateable Subsea Electrical Connector designed to provide continuous electrical connection through Wellhead equipment and includes a final pressure barrier providing continuous electrical connection through Subsea equipment. The Penetrator is mounted on the outside of a Subsea Tree and allows multiple connection outlets including; Diver Mates, ROV Connectors , Oil Filled Subsea Jumper hose and cables assemblies.

Typically this will be from a Tree mounted Wet-Mateable Connector to a Diver/ROV Connector situated at the Junction Box. The Connector is mounted to a Flange which is then mounted to a pre-machined face on the Wellhead equipment. The mating half of the Connector is terminated to an Oil Filled Subsea Jumper via an Omnitec Mk 2 interface or Subsea Connector.

Operational Requirements

  • Location within completion: Subsea, Wellhead
  • Rated Pressure: 15,000 Psi
  • Test Pressure: 22,500 Psi
  • Working Temperature range: 0ºF to 300ºF (-18ºC to 150ºC)
  • Storage Temperature range: -40ºF to 158ºF (-40ºC to 70ºC)
  • Deployment Water Depth: 0-10,000ft (0-3,048m)

Mechanical Requirements

  • Crimp Termination Strength: >75% UTS of Cable
  • Cable Pull Out Force: >1300 lbf (5783N)
  • Connection Cycle Life: >100
  • Sealing: M-M Primary, Elastomeric Secondary
  • Orientation: Keyed interfaces

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Design Suiting any Wellhead Prep
  • Ease of termination
  • Scoop Proof Contact Pins
  • Earth Continuity
  • 2 Live Contacts


Working Voltage Test Voltage Max. Working Current Max. Contact Resistance
1,000 Vdc 2,500 Vdc 5 A 2.5 mΩ at 20ºC


Subsea Electrical Penetrator Tree and Tubing Hanger System

Subsea Electrical Penetrator