The WellConnect™ Horizontal Wet-Mate Electrical Connector is designed to provide continuous electrical connection between the Horizontal Subsea Tree & Tubing Hanger. The Horizontal system is available in either Single or 3 Pin Contact configurations, providing multiple gauge options for long term reliable electrical connection for DHPT applications. The connector. The system has a Patented THRT Connection to allow system checks prior to the Subsea Tree landing and can be supplied with or without the Actuator Bonnet assembly.

Bonnet Actuator Plug Assembly

  • Single or multiple electrical connectors available
  • Inconel clad M-M sealing provides reliable final leak path barrier protection
  • Extended type testing in a range of completion fluids enables the actuator to work in all harsh environments
  • Pressure and mate/break cycle tested by RMSpumptools before delivery ensuring working life durability
  • Variety of electrical connectors for subsea outlet
  • Positive internal pressure repels the external environment and ensures electrical integrity is maximised
  • Lloyds witnessed and approved pressure, temperature and mate/break test regime

Features & Benefits

Tubing Hanger Receptacle Assembly

  • Single or multiple electrical connectors available
  • Spring energised conductor wand assembly enables simple installation and in-field change-out
  • Whole life sealing system reliability is ensured with M-M sealing in upper and lower Tubing Hanger pockets
  • Proven RMSpumptools wellhead instrumentation pressure barrier technology incorporated
  • Pressure and temperature cycle test regime witnessed and approved by Lloyds

Lower Tubing Hanger Dry Mate Connector

  • Single or multiple electrical connectors available
  • Easy field installation of downhole cables
  • Optimised to fit into Orientation Sleeve pocket
  • Lloyds witnessed and approved pressure as well as temperature cycle test regime
  • Industry standard ferrule assembly onto 1/4” downhole instrument cable
  • Pressure testable metal sealing


Pressure Rating No. of Conductors Temp Rating Water Depth
10,000 psi 1 + Earth or 3 + Common Earth 0 - 300°F up to 10,000 ft


WellConnect™ - Tubing Hanger Running Tool (THRT) Connector

Subsea Electrical Wet-Mate Connector