Simple installation ensures minimal human error and maximum reliability and is a key principle for all our penetrators.

Safe operation is assured thanks to minimum Class I Div II explosion proof certification across the surface connector range, and all systems comprise at least one gas-proof pressure barrier.


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The Vertical Wellhead Penetrator System is one of our most popular products and comprises of a Lower Hanger Penetrator and a Surface Connector (which can be either 45 or 90 degrees). The System is designed to withstand a broad spectrum of downhole conditions including high temperature, H2S and CO2. Power specification ranges from our standard Nexus Range at 140 amps/5 kVAC, to our Frontier Range at 250 amps/8 kVAC, with a working temperature of 450°F.


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When the lower wellhead penetrator is unable to exit the wellhead vertically, the Horizontal Feedthru System is the perfect solution, exiting sideways through the wellhead body. Connecting to a modified vertical wellhead penetrator, the Horizontal Connector allows the continued transmission of power - up to 250 amps/8 kVAC - between the downhole and surface components.


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When space is limited, our Split Phase or ‘3-Leg’ Wellhead Penetrator Systems deliver the same power transmission as our single mandrel range but do this in a much more space efficient configuration, passing through the wellhead as individual phases before converging downhole into a single ESP cable. The systems are designed for easy installation into the wellhead equipment and in many cases allow for crucial interval testing of the components to ensure complete well integrity and reliability of the system during operation.