When the lower wellhead penetrator is unable to exit the wellhead vertically, the RMSpumptools Side-Entry Feedthru System is the perfect solution, exiting sideways through the wellhead body.

Connecting to a modified vertical wellhead penetrator, the Horizontal connector allows the continued transmission of power - up to 250 amps / 8 kVAC - between the downhole and surface components. Dual pressure-barrier design features, and a range of different profiles and technical options ensure a perfect solution is achieved.

NEXUS Series - Standard Range

FRONTIER Series - High Temp/High Power

As with all of our penetrator systems, ease of installation, reliability, and safe operation are the key principles on which the Side-Entry system has been designed.

ATEX and IECEx Certified.


Features & Benefits

Experience and Track Record - The industry’s unchallenged number one choice for reliability. Exclusive supplier to the demanding North Sea market for over 20 years.

Field Attachable or Factory Moulded - Providing both options for multiple configurations.

Surface Connector Options - Available with 45º or 90º Surface Connectors.

Unique Protection System - Internals have total isolation from well fluid environment for exceptional reliability.

Unique Pressure Barrier Technology - Zero Gas Leakage, total safety security with zero possibility of surface explosions.

‘Plug & Play’ Design - Single, factory assembled and tested product, prevents damage during installation. No special training, or specialist required - saving rig time and eliminating human error.

Permanently Activated Internal Seals - No pressure-activated seals, no possibility of gas migration through penetrator, even at low pressures.

Compact Design - Entire penetrator is enclosed and protected by the wellhead, avoiding penetrator damage when landing hanger.

No Specialist Tooling Required - Reduced risk of delays due to missing or broken specialist tooling.



Bore Size Temperature Power Pressure CO2 H2S
2.0” up to 180ºC, 356ºF up to 5kVAC, 180A 7,500psi up to 90% up to 40%
Bore Size Temperature Power Pressure CO2 H2S
3.25” up to 180ºC, 356ºF up to 8kVAC, 250A 7,500psi up to 90% up to 40%


FRONTIER Series HP/HT Side-Entry Single Mandrel System

Specialist HP/HT Side-Entry Split-Phase System

Specialist HP/HT Side-Entry Split-Phase System Components