When space is limited, our Split Phase or ‘3-Leg’ Wellhead Penetrator Systems enable equivalent power transmission as our single mandrel range but do this in a much more space efficient configuration, passing through the wellhead as individual phases before converging downhole into a single ESP cable.

NEXUS Series - Standard Range

FRONTIER Series - High Temp/High Power

The systems are designed for easy installation into the wellhead equipment and in many cases allow for crucial interval testing of the components to ensure complete well integrity and reliability of the system during operation. As with the rest of our wellhead penetrator range, the split phase systems are completely adaptable and can be modified to suit most wellhead designs, including horizontal configurations.

ATEX and IECEx Certified.


Features & Benefits

Experience and Track Record - The industry’s unchallenged number one choice for reliability. Exclusive supplier to the demanding North Sea market for over 20 years.

Dual Pressure Barrier Technology - Provides double isolation between wellhead and bonnet cavity as well as bonnet cavity and surface, giving total protection against gas leaks to surface.

3 Leg Configuration - Each phase is split to penetrate wellhead through three separate bores; completely gas tight using metal-to-metal seals.

‘Plug & Play’ Surface Connector - Reusable, factory assembled and tested product. No special training, or specialist required. Saves rig time and improves reliability performance.

Single Assembly Downhole Penetrator and 3-into-1 Breakout Module - With moulded pigtail to downhole cable. No on-site cable phase separation and termination preparation required; only standard horizontal splice. Removes critical process from rig floor. No on-site specialist required. Saves rig time and improves reliability performance.

Permanently Activated Internal Seals (tested during assembly) - No pressure-activated seals, no possibility of gas migration through penetrator, even at low pressures.

Available with Optional Deck Connector System - Enables surface connector and cable to be removed during workovers - prevents damage during workover.



Bore Size Temperature Power Pressure CO2 H2S
Split-Phase up to 125ºC, 257ºF up to 5kVAC, 180A 5,000psi up to 40% Low
Bore Size Temperature Power Pressure CO2 H2S
Split-Phase up to 135ºC, 275ºF up to 8kVAC, 250A 5,525psi up to 90% up to 40%


NEXUS Series Split-Phase Wellhead Penetrator - Flexible System

Wellhead Penetrator - Flexible System

FRONTIER Series Split-Phase Wellhead Penetrator System for Harsh Environment

Wellhead Penetrator