The WellPower™ HV Power Wet-Mate Connector System is a 3 Phase single mandrel system utilising proven technology in the marine environment and providing long term reliability. The connectors bring many benefits to subsea and downhole power requirements, providing innovation to some of the industry’s major challenges. The systems can be located in a subsea tree tubing hanger, tubing hanger running tool, or another subsea structure.

Mechanical Properties

  • Working Design Life: 20 years
  • Body Material: Inconel, Superduplex and Stainless Steel to ISO 15156
  • Working Depth: 3400m
  • Rated Pressure: 5,000psi (34 Nmm-2, 340 Bar)
  • Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 121ºC
  • Storage Temperature: -40ºC to 70ºC
  • Outer Diameter: 70mm, Female=76mm
  • Maximum Demate Speed: 0.5 ms-1

Features & Benefits

  • Dielectric Oil Treatment Technology - Unique formula treatment that neutralises moisture and maintains insulation integrity, protecting against electrical failure and prolonging life of the system.
  • Energised Seals - Provides reliable long term seal compression in hostile environments, ensuring high levels of mechanical and electrical integrity over the life of the product - delivering maximised reliability.
  • Metal to Metal Sealing - High integrity sealing at critical barriers providing maximum protection against water ingress, resulting in long term reliability.
  • Misalignment Compliance System - Radial, Angular and Axial mechanical compliance is built into the design, eliminating damage during the most severe mating scenarios, avoiding premature failure and recourse to backups.
  • Plug & Play Installation Options - Allows repeatable, efficient installation without critical onsite operations, resulting in superior time and cost savings.
  • Crimp Termination Technology - Repeatable cable termination using pre-set crimp tooling, simplifying installation and eliminating errors during operation.
  • ESP Cable Termination Technology - Field proven repeatable cable termination reliability over years of wide ranging service, simplifying installation and eliminating errors.


Working Current Working Voltage Max. Test Voltage Frequency Max. Contact Resistance
160 A 5,000 Vac 11.54 Vac up to 60Hz 10 mΩ