The Y-Chek features an internal travelling ball that is automatically activated by the flow and pressure produced by the downhole pump. The ball is naturally biased towards the pump leg and during pump start up will move over to the sealing position on the bypass tubing side.

The pressure generated by the pump will keep the ball sealed off on the bypass leg while the pump is running. When the pump is shutdown and the pressure on the ball has equalised, the ball will return to the pump leg side assisted by a spring return, opening passage on the bypass side to allow well intervention by wireline or coiled tubing.

7”, 9-5/8”, 10-3/4”, 13-3/8”

Flow Rates Ranging from 500 bpd

The Y-Chek is ideally suited for Dual Subsea applications as it is designed to automatically seal off either leg of the Y-Tool. Therefore when one ESP is operated, the other is isolated and vice versa to provide automatic switching between ESPs.

Bullheading of fluid down the bypass to below both ESPs is also possible because when both ESPs are switched off the ball automatically moves to the Pump side of the upper and lower Y-Cheks, leaving free flow path through the bypass of both ESPs.


Features & Benefits

  • Automatic operation on ESP start-up and shut-down
  • All metal sealing ie no elastomers
  • Simple travelling ball design allowing multiple seal faces
  • Ideal for subsea applications
  • Suitable for sandy well environments
  • 5000psi working pressure
  • Eliminates need for blanking plug
  • Reduces wireline/CT trips when intervention is required


7” 9-5/8” 10-3/4” 13-3/8”
OD 6.00” 8.25” 9.25” 11.75”
Min Flow Rate 300 bpd 500 bpd 1,500 bpd 2,000 bpd
Max Flow Rate 15,000 bpd 23,000 bpd 25,000 bpd 30,000+ bpd
Max Flow Pressure 5,000 psi 5,000 psi 5,000 psi 5,000 psi
Temperature 150°C 150°C 150°C 150°C
Metalurgy 13 Chrome 13 Chrome 13 Chrome 13 Chrome


Typical Y-Chek (Automatic Y-Tool) Completion

ESP Y-Tool